PHP Full Stack Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates · SW · SW10


We are looking for a Mid-level PHP Developer with experience on Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony to join our dynamic and friendly team which is poised for exponential growth. You will be working closely with our top management team and an external development team.


Essential skills you must have

As the title says, strong PHP skills with proven experience of Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony frameworks. You will be tested, so you know.

In addition,

· Solid front end skills with HTML5, CSS3 and JS

· Experience working with API's, particularly social media, payment gateways and web analytics platforms.

· Solid database experience, ideally both relational (e.g. MySQL/MariaDB) and non-relational (e.g. MongoDB).

· Experience in deploying MariaDB Database clusters, using Active/Active synchronization

· Good experience of managing servers in a cloud environment

· Good OO skills (Object Oriented Programming).

· Tools such as Git, Bitbucket

· Linux Operating system, in particular CentOS/RHEL

· Understanding of key protocols such as SNMP, SSH, IMAP/SMTP and Firewall management.

· Bring in fresh idea.

· Strong team player and communications skills.

· Ability to remotely managed other front-end and back-end developers

· You never give up or compromise on quality and complexity

Additional skills we appreciate

· Knowledge of UI/UX principles

· Mobile native application (IOS/Android)

· Understanding of modern Servers architecture and Virtualization environments

· Need to be familiar with PHP CMS: Wordpress, Drupal, Opencart.etc

Your responsibilities:

· You will take over the implementation and further enhancement of the existing architecture of the platform, and follow the development roadmap approved all together.

· You will also manage external resources across different projects.

· Maintaining and championing high quality technical standards

· You will understand repeatable automated processes for building the application, testing it, documenting it, and deploying it at scale.

· You will anticipate the next features expectations so that it can be enabled at the right time.

· An awareness of security concerns is important, as each layer presents its own possible vulnerabilities.

You input will also be needed on:

o Server, Networking, Storage, and Hosting Environment.

o Virtualization, High Availability, Load Balancing and redundancy

o Data Modeling

o Business Logic

o API layer / Action Layer / MVC

o User Interface (with UI designer)

o User Experience

We work closely as a team, so your views & ideas will be appreciated, valued and brought forward.


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